Porcelain veneers can make a huge difference in your smile. Dr. Clark Dunn has extensive experience in porcelain veneer application, providing patients with dramatic results that can significantly improve a wide array of cosmetic issues.

Porcelain Veneers Q & A

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are very thin, durable coverings or shells that are applied to the front surfaces of your teeth. They can be used to hide an wide array of cosmetic issues, including gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, chips and cracks, stains and deep discolorations, and they can even be used to help improve the appearance of a “gummy” smile. Porcelain veneers can be custom tinted to match your other teeth so they look completely natural.

How is a veneer applied?

It usually takes two office visits for a veneer to be applied. During the first visit, your tooth surface will be prepared by removing a very tiny portion of the tooth material to ensure there's enough room for the veneer to be properly seated without extending over the neighboring teeth. An impression will also be made of the tooth and a temporary veneer will be placed on the tooth to protect it. At the second visit, the temporary veneer will be removed from your tooth and the tooth surface will be gently cleaned. The permanent veneer will then be applied using a strong dental bonding agent.

How will I have to care for my veneer to keep it looking great?

Veneers are very durable, and you can care for them just as you would care for your natural teeth, with regular brushing and flossing and visits to the dentist every six months to ensure they remain in good shape. Although they're stain-resistant, they're not stain-proof, so you might want to rinse your mouth after eating or drinking something that might stain over time.

How long will my porcelain veneers last?

If you take good care of your porcelain veneer, you can expect it to last for 10 years or more.